Dr. Nader Butto

Dr. Nader Butto born in Nazareth, Israel.  Graduated from Medical school in Torino, Italy
in 1983, completed his cardiology specialization in Israel in 1992 and in 1995 completed his
training in Advanced Invasive Cardiology in France.

In 1998 Dr. Butto spent two months at Arizona Heart Hospital in PhoenixArizona on a fellowship in peripheral vascular angioplasty such as the carotid and renal arteries . He has been working as an on-staff specialist in
invasive-cardiology at the Rabin Medical Center since 1995. Presently, his main work at the
hospital is coronary angiography and angioplasty, in which he dilates the stenotic coronary
arteries using balloons, stents, rotablators etc.
Besides his hospital work, he is active in alternative medicine.   In his out-patient clinic, he
treats a wide spectrum of disorders which are considered incurable using conventional
medicine. He has developed a new therapeutic method which is based on the basic
conception which combines the three different and related aspects of the human being:
mind, soul, and physical body.   As part of his clinical work, he uses the Sseventh Sense as
extra sensorial perception (ESP) in order not only to arrive at the physical medical diagnosis
but to individualize the psychological conflict which is the root of the changes in the vital
energy which lead to physical body disease.  
Since medical school, Dr. Butto has emphasized the importance of the spiritual aspect and
has been drawn towards holistic medicine. After specializing in cardiology, he has continued
to seek knowledge that will fill the gaps of conventional medicine.   With the Seventh Sense,
he developed an energetic method that tracks down emotional conflict (and its state) which
has caused the energetic block and that has eventually evolved as a physical illness. This
unique method opens the energetic block and washes the body with a flow of life, energy,
and vitality.  
Over the past few years, Dr. Butto has been giving lectures on his method “Unified
Integrative Medicine” in Israel, Italy, and Spain Germany, Switzerlandas well as practical

workshops to psychologists, physicians, and therapists in Italy Germany, Switzerland and
Spain. Dr. Butto spends his time both as a conventional physician specializing in invasive
cardiology on the one hand and biodynamic-energetic and clinical therapy on the other
In October 1998, his book was published in Italy.   This book is a product of his experience
putting together the three dimensions of the human entity: mind, soul, and the physical body
as a new approach for medical practice. Dr. Butto has a wide following in Italy, his book “IL
SETTIMO SENSO” is a best seller since 1999,


Unified Integrative Medicine

In recent years, people seek alternative ways to solve health problems by
increasing use of Integrative medicine. The term integrative medicine by most definitions
would include the idea and practice of adding complementary and alternative medicine
(CAM) to range of therapeutic options in strictly conventional medical environments.
However, the two approaches based on two different paradigms: the biomedical model
based upon the reductionism principle whereby mind and body are separated and reduces
the illness to a disturbance in the biochemical process and therapy is intended to restore
the biochemical processes to normal. While most of the CAM based upon holistic principle
that recognizes the body, psyche and soul as an integrated and coherent whole. However,
the psychological and spiritual realms remain mysterious and separated from the
biomedical model.
Unified Integrative Medicine presents a new paradigm whereby body and soul are two faces
of the same reality like particle and wave in quantum physics. Disease is a process that

indicates a dissonance between the soul and the physical body due to specific
psychological conflict or trauma that leads to an imbalance of vital energy of the cells.
The purpose of this new approach wants to go beyond the resolution of physical symptoms
and the neurotic states. The state of psycho-physical well-being and the interpersonal
relations are no longer a goal, but they become tools that enable the individual to complete
the learning process to follow his path that leads him to grow and evolve towards the light.
Healing process is, therefore, a developmental process that leads the oppressive human
mental barrier to spiritual liberation, giving deep satisfaction and happiness to achieve the
complete well-being as it was defined by the WHO.