The 1 Field

Full movie, Director edition

Director: Tsipi Raz

Producers: Tsipi Raz, Eli Singer        

Original Music: Robert Haig Coxon     Animation: Roi Werner

Israel 2019 | 120 min | English 


Available Subtitles: English, Spanish, Portuguese ,Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Czech, Chinese, Hungarian, German

All cultures and ancient traditions tell about our being far beyond matter.

'The 1 Field', using the scientific tools of the 21st century, examines this assumption through interwoven storylines: The life stories and researches of groundbreaking figures in the study of consciousness, and scientific experiments supervised by research institutes and scientists worldwide. 


Can spirit be measured?

Is there a field that connects everything?

Can we use consciousness to influence our lives, our bodies and our environment, beyond genes or environmental limitations into which we were born?