The meaning of the name Shammaim

Shammaim is the Hebrew word used in Genesis Chapter A.

According to the bible water exist before creation, as water.

God divided the water to Upper water – Heaven, and lower water – sea.

(7)  And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. (8) And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day. (9) And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so (Genesis 1:7-9)

The Hebrew word for Firmament is Rakia – the same letters of back round.
The bible teaches us an important universal law – water is reflecting everything screened from up or down, When we connect to GOD in Heaven, we become his reflection and.


Shammaim Upper Water

Unique technology for improving water and adapting it to the body's immune system in a way that raises our energy level and our health.

The device allows ordinary tap water, in drinking quality, to undergo a change in their molecular structure and their electromagnetic frequency using three elements listed below.

The filter is made of pure copper inside and out.

No electrical connection.
No batteries.
No need to replace filters or other parts.

5 years full warranty.

The device does not change the chemical structure of the water and does not contain any additives or chemicals.

Simple assembly.

A secret from heaven

Water is considered one of the most mysterious substances that science is still trying to decipher.


Scientists point to over a hundred unique properties of water that are not typical for the use of another substance known in nature, which is the fact that water expands in the cold instead of shrinking.

Some of the benefits of SHAMMAIM Upper Water are not fully scientifically clear to us as yet.

Because the water undergoes a process of vortexing before use, the water loads with oxygen and their structure varies from H2O to H3O2. This change is a change in the molecular level of the substance.

Using drinking water or splashing water affects the red blood cells immediately in a way that they separate from each other and their shape becomes round and symmetrical, in a way that apparently increases the blood's ability to fight viruses and infections.

* Extensive clinical trials in humans have not yet been performed.

Many scientists around the world have proven that water has an absolute memory and that bad memories that come from poison, waste, negative energy, whether expressed in deeds, words or thoughts - produce a difference in the structure of water.

When we consume water with "bad memories" we create for ourselves over time health problems, some of which become chronic problems and over time severe physical and mental illnesses.

Scientific studies have pointed to a link between inadequate water consumption and the development of depression, autoimmune diseases, cancer, fibromyalgia and more.

The knowledge that underlies the technology of SHAMMAIM Upper Water erases from the water the bad memories and produces a new memory for them, and a whole energy charge as it would have been for water in nature before man spoiled the earth's water with his actions.

Precious Metals

Sky is the only company to the best of our knowledge that uses precious metals copper copper silver and gold. Each of these metals has significant health benefits ranging from antibacterial to resuscitation and rejuvenation of brain and skin cells.


A unique technology developed on the basis of the knowledge of the Austrian Victor Sharberger that causes vortex water to circulate through a special copper pipe that operates the spin without the need for electricity or batteries and which is considered to this day one of the most groundbreaking inventions in humanity.

Torah Code

Elements of inspiration that include the combination of all the original energies that are placed in nature are nourished by them on the one hand and a unique and exclusive use of codes from the world of mysticism and Torah.

Components of technology

photo_2021-05-16 00.40.51.jpeg


Installation of the device is simple and can be self-performed, or accompanied by a plumber, by connecting two pipes (the device comes marked with suitable stickers for self-installation).

The filter can be mounted near any faucet or installed in the main center of the house after the water supply clock.

Inlet pipe - the silver opening

Located on the left side of the device

Exit pipe - the gold opening

Located on the right side of the device


There is no need to replace anything in the device.

The company warranty is for 5 years.

(Subject to the device being properly installed and properly maintained).