The health benefits

Water allows the level of vitality to be raised, provides a solution to dryness and itching problems in the skin and brings significant pain relief.

Water may have additional health effects that have not yet been confirmed in clinical trials but according to much evidence the water helps relieve many symptoms like respiratory distress, mood swings, reducing the incidence of fibromyalgia outbreaks, psoriasis and respiratory diseases.

SHAMMAIM Upper Water water helps in the process of weight loss and produces an effect of refreshing and renewing skin cells.

Water health at home

The water extracted from the device is "soft" in texture and tastes similar to mineral water. As a result, even people who do not like water, start drinking water.

Using SHAMMAIM Upper Water causes the garden and pots to grow quickly.

A heavenly device breaks down tartar into its parts thus enabling the benefits of calcium in water without the side effect of unpleasant taste.

Using SHAMMAIM Upper Water throughout the house will remove the accumulated scale on the pipes of electrical appliances (such as a heater, kettle, dishwasher) and extend the lifespan of these appliances.

All-Day Long


For those suffering from skin problems including psoriasis it is recommended to shower in water and take baths twice a week.


Cooking and Drinking

Drink between 2-3 liters a day throughout the day.

It is recommended to fill the sky with a jar of copper, silver, clay or glass and let them stand in the jar for at least 20 minutes before drinking or cooking.


The spray bottle can be filled and used to spray the face, hands and feet, spraying several times a day for the eye area, tongue, hands and feet.

In cases of fear of mental distress it is also possible to spray on the chest and lung area.

Add intentions for Increased healing

The best use of the SHAMMAIM Upper Water is in combination with performing a ceremony of intentions.

Recommended Healing Intention Ceremony:

Hear O Israel, the Lord our God the Lord is One.

Strengthening and balancing the twelve meridians in order to clone the twelve tribes of Israel captive as one cell in one body.

With the heart of paths of wisdom that are twenty-two letters and ten spheres, I create health and create reality.

I am the delegating and the noble, I am the Creator and the created, the creator and the creator doing and doing.

In me the God of Israel is the Messiah.


Sample cure request:

I will would love to cure my right knee pain a complete and complete and complete healing.

You can close your eyes and imagine a purple light that washes the place of pain.

At the end of the ceremony bathe spray or drink sky water.