The Biblical Origin

The Book of Exodus Chapter 17–21 - the commandment to build a copper basin and to place it in the entrance of the Temple. We are told that washing hands and feet in a copper basin would save  people from death.

The cooper basin designer was was Bezalel, Miriam׳s (Moses's sister) grandson.

Bezalel was an expert in design as well as in music.

The 528 frequency actually pertains directly to these events.


Within these verses from Exodus there appears a strange idiom "wash the water". The Hebrew word for "wash" is "Rachatzu״ - contains the same letters as ״Tzarchu״ - shouted (to G-d to save us) and as Ratzchu - killied.


To prevent murder, the water must be washed, each must do it in his own backyard, shout to the heavens.